Русская кухня в Ярославле

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Варите овощи при слабом кипении под крышкой в небольшом количестве воды, а лучше всего на пару - в этом случае в них сохраняется больше питательных веществ. ...еще...

Мастер класс от ресторана русской кухни Собрание

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Адрес: г. Ярославль
Волжская набережная д.33
Ресторан находится на территории частного музея "Музыка и время!"


Мобильная версия


Добро пожаловать – Welcome

SOBRANIE, a Russian Cuisine Hideaway on the Volga Water Front

If you happen to be in Yaroslavl, have you ever wonderedwhere to go out at night in this delightful, ancient Russian city? IF you want something extraordinary but at the same time warm and homely? In other words, somewhere to give your body and soul a longed for chill-out.

SOBRANIE, a Russian Cuisine Restaurant welcomes you! The name literally translates from the Russian as “Gathering”, “Collection” or “Assembly”. Here we are conveniently located for your gathering in the historical centre of the city as shown on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, right at the very heart of it – on the river Volga quayside. This compels us to be not only a ‘trendy’ place but, more importantly, to follow traditions. The traditions of Russian cuisine!

SOBRANIE offers you Russian cuisine dishes created from recipes borrowed from old Russian cookery books which we have carefully collected and would like to share with you. Ukha (fish soup), mushrooms, kasha (gruel), ginger breads, blinys (crepes, pancakes) and Russian piesare the most popular Russian dishes and are so much loved by all Russians!

Now you have a unique opportunity to try all these dishesin our restaurant! As an insight into the history of Russian cuisine, let it be it known that Russian food is in no way a fusion style cookery, spiked with cilantro or drizzled with truffle oil. This is food to fill you up on cold days, food that will stick with you long beyond the eating. And while centuries of Russian Europeanized tsars brought some measure of sophistication to our cuisine, this is still the rustic sustenance of a nation of hard workers. Soups had always been a focal point of Russian eating sessions in theold days. Whether stchi, borscht, ukha, solyanka, okroshkaor any other concoction, they all were the linchpin of theclassic Russian spread. The spoon was the “queen” of the table! It is no coincidence that one of our Russian proverbs says: “Use a fork as a fishing rod and a spoon as a seinenet”. Meanwhile, meat products, so often cooked these days, were fairly rare, and when they did come to the table, were served as one huge piece, ideally as a whole carcass.

SOBRANIE offers a classical Russian menu with food cooked and served in a contemporary manner. You must admit that to experience the taste of authentic Russian dishes you do not necessarily need to cook them in agenuine oven. It is sufficient just to reconstruct thegradually lowering heat conditions typical of the Russian oven by present-day means. This will give food aparticular, authentic oven-stewed taste.

However, if you ever wish to partake of our stchi with a wooden spoon, we will be delighted to accommodate you.

SOBRANIE is extending its warm welcome to you, your family and your friends! We will be happy to serve you!


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